Volume 1 - 21st Century Skills: Language and Arts Education Through the Lens of Culture and Heritage

ISBN: 9789674601744

Tahun Terbit: 2015

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Kategori: Bahasa, Pendidikan

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This book posits a myriad of perspectives, empirical findings, experiences and point of views presented by local and international authors in the second International Symposium on Languange and Arts Education UiTM-UNY-UPI 2015. Compiled in two volumes with 90 titles encompassing ten themes (with five themes for each volume) the discussions revolve around the interwoven roles of culture and heritage in the advamcement and development of language and arts education, primarily in Malaysia and Indonesia. The methodologies, pedagogy, techniques and approaches presented are viewd as vital to the teaching and learning in the 21st century however the depth of the discussions addressed community values, culture and heritage perspectives that are lacking in most of the 21st century models of teaching and learning

put forward by the developed nations. The content of this book enlightens the importance of knowledge advancement within the framework of local wisdoms and community values which defines and informs the development of language and arts education in both countries.