The Wife

Penulis: Rosmini Shaari

ISBN: 9789830687773

Tahun Terbit: 2011

Harga: RM 30.00 / 35.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Kategori: Sastera, Novel

Beli Dalam Talian:

The Wife depicts several characters that relentlessly pursue the fulfilment in life but the endless pursuits occasionally became self-entrapment. This is the philosophy that highlighted by the author, Rosmini Shaari, a woman’s author who gather lots of experiences and observations in her life. Sofia, a character of a wife who had to bury her wounded heart all because of her husband’s infidelity. Can Sofia recapture her beloved husband’s affection once again?

The Wife is a struggling story of a tragic love triangle, full of emotion that pleads the sympathy of the readers. It reflects the universal the human lives that often happen everywhere. Happiness is not easily achieved without the trials and tribulations. It’s the experiences that will mature people to find solution.