Eco-Shift: Holistic Transformation towards Environmental Sustainability

Penulis: Zaini Ujang

ISBN: 9789674608040

Tahun Terbit: 2018

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Eco-shift means making radical changes that involves transformation in the way of thinking, decision-making. In a community or corporation, eco-shift means holistic transformation of an entity in its philosophies, policies, strategies, governance, decision-making, financial, technical prowess, standard operating procedures and practices for environmental sustainability. Eco-shift begins with a state of mind and decision framework that could lead to major changes in national policies, corporate strategies, personal lifestyle and cultural transformation.

About author

Zaini Ujang was the fifth Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, where he graduated with Bachelor of Engineering, in Chemical Engineering in 1998, and became a full professor in Environmental Engineering in 2002. Having served as the Secretary-General in charge of the higher education and Secretary-General for the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, gave him opportunities to impart his knowledge into public policy and practice.

He spearheaded a team to develop Malaysia’s Green Technology Master Plan (GTMP) for 2017-2030, to innovate and manage resources strategically to ensure availability, reliability and affordability of the energy and water services, and to advance the application of green technology as well as to promote the Green Economy and Green Living.