Natural Science From The Worldview Of The Qur’an: An Introduction Volume 1

Penulis: M. Kamal Hassan

ISBN: 9789674304591

Tahun Terbit: 2018

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Lazada Shopee

As the first of the three-volume work on natural science for secondary school students, volume one serves as the foundation for the subsequent volumes. The introduction and CHAPTER 1 lay the qur’anic worldview as the foundational premise in relation to the study and pursuit of natural science. It then embarks on explaining the nature of the discipline and how a scientific experience from a scientist is shared with and assessed by other scientists in the same field, which eventually renders the initial scientific experience into knowledge.

This is followed by CHAPTER 2 whose theme “man, matter and living things” opens with the creation of “man”, before delving into cells as units of life. The variety and classification of living things as well as microorganisms and infectious diseases are explored, ahead of a systematic discussion on matter, chemical formulae and equations, which is the key in the understanding of chemistry and its impacts on our daily life. The classification of elements as portrayed in the periodic table wraps up this chapter, with emphasis on the active order, proportion and sustenance by Allah the most gracious inherent in the universal kingdom of his creations.

, the last chapter of this volume deals with the theme “interactions and interdependence”. To understand ourselves and the world better, we must have knowledge and appreciation of the diversity of the flora and fauna and how they interact in their respective environments. Our environment which is made up of air, water and myriads of other constituents must be better understood for a sustainable complementary symbiosis with our surroundings. This volume concludes with a study devoted to the incredible element - carbon - and the massive arrays of compounds it forms and how the bear on us and within us. Learning the above would inspire readers to want to know more about the subjects concerned and initiate self study on areas of interest.