Sang kancil And The Magic Belt

Author(s): Rahimidin Zahari, Jaafar Taib
Translator(s): Linda Tan, Peter Duke

ISBN: 9789674600372

Year Published: 2015

Price: RM 15.00 / 20.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Category: Pendidikan, Kanak-kanak

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In this tale, Sang Kancil tricks Tiger three times, Firstly, when Kancil claims he is standing watch over Raja Solomon’s gong, which is actually a hornet’s nest. When Tiger knocks the gong, he is stung by hornets. Secondly when Sang Kancil claims to be looking after Raja Solomon’s flute. Tiger’s tongue gets caught on bamboo when he tries to blow the flute. Thirdly, Kancil tricks Tiger when Kancil claims to be wearing a magic belt, which is in fact Pythin, who has wound himself around Kancil. Once again, Tiger is fooled by Sang Kancil.