Biring Sikunani (b. Inggeris)

Author(s): Rahimidin Zahari
Translator(s): Mohd Hasrul Asraf Othman

ISBN: 9789674305215

Year Published: 2015

Price: RM 15.00 / 20.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Category: Sastera, Pendidikan, Kanak-kanak

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Lazada Shopee

Biring Sikunani is Pak Kadok’s cock fighter. But was exchanged with Jalak Mata Putih, Raja Alang’s rooster. When the game end, Biring Sikunani defeat Jalak Mata Putih. Pak Kadok forget his Biring Sikunani has been exchanged with Raja Alang’s rooster. He came home with empty feeling and as the result he lost his village to Raja Alang. But Biring Sikunani cannot be tamed by anyone except Mr. Kadok. Raja Alang invite Pak Kadok and Mak Siti to the palace. Since then, Pak Kadok and Mak Siti stay in Raja Alang’s palace. Pak Kadok was appointed as the King’s rooster caretaker. Raja Alang has issued decrees that all people must stop cockfight.