Natural Science From The Worldview Of The Qur’an: An Introduction Volume 2

Penulis: M. Kamal Hassan

ISBN: 9789674304607

Tahun Terbit: 2018

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Lazada Shopee

This book, the second of a three-volume work in natural science for secondary school students, consists of three chapters. Energy is that which stirs our world to life and is so much in demand today. “energy, dynamics and motion” is thus the theme of CHAPTER 1, which explores the various forms and sources of energy created by Allah the most gracious, the different technologies available on how best to harness them and the problems associated with these. The vehemently debated nuclear energy is allotted a special focus keeping in view of all the implications, responsibilities and precautions. With energy, there is force, which in turn sets matter in motion with or without us realising it. The chapter elaborates on dynamics, support in the structures of organisms and the physiology of their movements, followed by an exploration of the physics of motion.

looks into the details of “electricity and magnetism”, the interplay between the two, the generation of electricity and the various applications of electro-magnetism. This is followed by the subject of lights, a form of energy in the family of electromagnetic radiation. Included in the discussions on light is colour, and sight – the God-given aperture that lets us perceive the beautiful world that he created.

The discussions on energy continues in CHAPTER 3 with the theme “chemical thermodynamics, kinetics and equilibria”, providing the foundation for understanding chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, with a thorough treatment on rates of reactions. The subject of equilibrium apparent in every level of cosmic existence as a sign (ayah) of the grandeur of the plan, order and intelligence of Allah’s creativeness, artistry and impeccable design. The chapter concludes with a brief qualitative reflection on entropy.