Sang Kancil and The Tiger Cub

Author(s): Rahimidin Zahari, Jaafar Taib
Translator(s): Linda Tan, Peter Duke

ISBN: 9789674600334

Year Published: 2015

Price: RM 15.00 / 20.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Category: Pendidikan, Kanak-kanak

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Sang Kancil is sitting by a pool and staring into space, listening to the croaking of the frogs. Mother Tiger surprised by Kancil’s behaviour. He tells her that he is teaching the frogs to read, so Mother Toger brings her Tiger Cub to Kancil to be taught by him. Kancil tells the cub to copy the frogs; croaking, but the cub cannot so Kancil hits him with a rattan, marking the cub’s back. Sang Kancil then leaves in search of food. He becomes cought in Uncle Tani’s trap and pretends to play dead. When Uncle Tani throws him on the ground, Kancil gets up, dances happily and runs off into the jungle.