The Translation Profession In Malaysia And Korea

Penulis: Kang Myoung Sook

ISBN: 9789674604844

Tahun Terbit: 2017

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Kategori: Umum

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Malaysia is known as a amultilingual and multiracial community, while the Korean society is predominantly monolingual. Yet, the treatment and perception of translators in both countries appears to be starkly different at both ends of the spectrum. One of the struggles thath overwhelm translators is to be recognized as full-fledged professionals. The informative and eye-opening book is the culmination of four years of research on the state of the translation profession, this book also exposes the struggles that translators deal with in order to be elevated and recognised as professionals instead of a quasi-profession status.

The author is a highly qualified and respected expert in the fiels of translation. A native Korean who is trilingual in Korean, English and Bahasa Malaysia, she ahad 16 years of experience as a professional translator. She is currently a senior lecturer at University Malaysia Sabah and also serves as the Head of the Varsity’s Translation Unit. It is with great hope that the first edition of this book will provide a clearer direction towards the profesionalization of the translation profession in both countries. Similarly, this book may be of interest to the Malaysia public who are inquisitive in understanding the nature of the translation profession.