Passenger of Time

Penulis: Latiff Mohidin

ISBN: 9789830686332

Tahun Terbit: 2011

Harga: RM 25.00 / 30.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Kategori: Sastera, Sastera Kebangsaan (Bahasa Asing)

Beli Dalam Talian:

Passenger of Time / Pesisir Waktu by Latiff Mohidin was awarded the first Putra Poetry Award (1980) proposed by the Federation of National Writers Association of Malaysia (GAPENA) and sponsored by Bank Bumiputera Malaysia Berhad, now known as CIMB Bank.

This anthology is divided into three parts, namely Drizzles of Growth - comprising 15 poems regarding the poet’s questioning, views and ideology pertaining to an abstract life, I Stand Erect - comprising 15 poems - radiating the poet’s life experiences and Passenger of Time - 20 poems whereby the poet deliberates on the realities of life.