Natural Science From The Worldview Of The Qur’an: An Introduction Volume 3

Penulis: M. Kamal Hassan

ISBN: 9789674304614

Tahun Terbit: 2018

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Lazada Shopee

Volume three, the last of a three-volume work on natural science for secondary school students, consists of three chapters.

carries the theme “management of the environment, balance, sustainability and the continuity of life”. It starts with an elaboration of biodiversity followed by the nature of interdependence among living things and the environment. What naturally follow are matters of concern in regards to the preservation and conversation of the environment, which are of great importance and pivotal concern in the qur’anic worldview. The world around us is visualised through our senses. Since our daily living depends on them, the matter of nutrition and production of food is dealt with. The physiological functions of living things on which life depends so much, such as circulation, reproduction, coordination and heredity are elaborated upon.

discusses broad aspects of “technology and development”. These include the physics of strength and stability, machine, information and communication technology, chemicals in industry, food production, food technology, biotechnology and the developments of various synthetic material used in industries. Technological knowhow, awareness, accountability and responsibility are the key elements stressed.

“Astronomy and space exploration” being the theme of CHAPTER 3, the last chapter of this work, looks at the bigger picture of the universe. It traverses the inner and outer regions of our solar system and into space with a glimpse of the star and galaxies that litter the vastness of the universe with their beautiful twinkling lights that have been the subject of intrigue, awe and wonder; guiding caravans of travellers, ships and scientists since ancient time. Thus N.S.W.V.Q. concludes with a gesture that welcomes learners of all to unlock their hearts and read the signs of Allah the most gracious in his two books - the Qur’an and the cosmos…