Jack Ma: Founder and Ceo of The Alibaba Group

Penulis: Chen Wei
Penterjemah: Goh Hin San

ISBN: 9789671287927

Tahun Terbit: 2017

Harga: RM 45.00 / 50.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Kategori: Umum, Bisnes & Pengurusan

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Jack Ma is the Founder and CEO of the Alibaba Group, a privately owned internet-based e-commerce company in China whose sales are estimate to be bigger than its American competitors ebay and amazon combined. This book unveils Jack Ma’s thousand faces in real life from different angles and it reveals a Jack Ma perhaps different from what you may have imagined. “Witty Jack Ma”, “Cheerful Jack Ma”, “Playful Jack Ma” and “Arrogant Jack Ma”.

It’s not just a book, but more like a movie from which you can gain an insight into ma and understand Alibaba through sounds, colours and expressions, among many other elements. There are no tedious doctrines, only amusing details; no inscrutable theories, only popular, hearty statements. Through day-to-day trivial matters, the author makes an account of the “pleasant” side of jack ma, which may surprise and inspire you so you may think: well, I never! Jack Ma is such a down to earth person, so sensible yet so feeling.