Hassan Turabi’s Tafsir: A Study Of The Ideoligical Aspect Of Al-Tafsir Al-Tawhidi

Penulis: Esam Eltigani Mohamed Ibrahim

ISBN: 9789670892368

Tahun Terbit: 2016

Harga: RM 25.00 / 30.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Kategori: Umum, Falsafah

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It should be remembered that writing about Al-Turabi’s work on Qur’anic exegesis is both a great academic challenge and a sense of adventure. Because of this, Dr. Eltigani was careful enough not to be carried away by the current political context. Though the focus of this study is on the ideological aspect of Al-Turabi’s Qur’anic exegetical work, yet the line of the main argument maintained a high degree of academic rigour. Obviously Al-Turabi is the main living ideologue of the international Islamic movement. More to the point, his influence and political ijtihad cut across traditional political boundaries in the Muslim World.

Generally speaking Al-Turabi’s Tafsir is a brilliant piece of writing. It mirrors the passionate and rational eloquence of the Qur’an. In this regard, writing about his Qur’anic exegesis will, certainly, require an understanding of the complexity of the hermeneutic strategy followed by him. The movement from the general guidance of the Surah (Tartil al Ma’ani) and finally to the relevancy of the Surah through its general meaning (‘Umum al-Ma’ani) is the hallmark of this Tafsir. For this reason, this book is relevant to both general readership and specialist. Most important of all, it is a quiet read in the noisy affairs of the Arab spring.

Review by,
Ibrahim M. Zein.