Ecological Indicators In Islamic Built Environment

Penulis: Rashidi Othman

ISBN: 9789674600143

Tahun Terbit: 2016

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Lazada Shopee

In this growing fast modern world, environment has taken up the most from the growing world. People seems to forget that earth is a responsible god gives to humanity to develop a hence make it a greater place for human being. As stated in holy Quran, Allah bestowed humanity as khalifah, so humanity has to obey it and make use of the environment and not to destroy it. Sadly, environmental degradation has occurred due to fast growing human activity. Thus, humankind has to be intelligence and use the environment itself as the solution to this problem. Remediation technologies such as ecological indicator have shown promising sign to be a possible solution to this problem. Plants can play a major part in balancing the quality of the environment with the modern world as well as help maintaining the biological diversity through indicator, a method of using plants as an indicator to assess environment conditions. Human interference with nature is happening constantly than ever now but it can be a win-win situation for both. Human need to take a closer look in nature friendly solution and develop some ways to incorporate nature as the solution, thus open up, and use the best solution that god gives us that is nature.