Comparing Selected Higher Education Systems in Asia

Penulis: Sarjit Kaur, Shukran Abdul Rahman, Koo Yew Lie

ISBN: 9789674305277

Tahun Terbit: 2015

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Kategori: Pendidikan, Umum

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Lazada Shopee

This book reports the comparison of higher education systems in selected countries in the Asia Pacific, in particular Malaysia, Australia, Thailand and Vietnam. It provides an overview of the higher education system in these selected countries by discussing issues such as the contextualisation of higher education and the description of the current higher education system. In addition, the book addresses higher education policies and reforms in strategic areas encompassing policy development, structure of higher education and internalisation activities. It also presents contextualised discussion on areas such as research and development, governance, teaching and learning and community engagement. In general, the book answers key questions on the trends of higher education and the role of government (within each country’s political system) and offers recommendations to further strengthen the provision of quality higher education in Malaysia.